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Glazed And Confused?

Glazed And Confused?  Now You Know!
Take an already perfect slipmat and infuse the concept of a wax paper or plastic to the bottom surface………..
and what do you get?
A more perfect’er glazed bottom surface slipmat….. of course.
All our slipmats come with the our glazed surface, which has been specially formulated to reduce friction and allow for slick precision scratching or mixing.

With our slipmats there is no need for extra wax paper or plastic.
Go ahead and throw those old wax paper and plastics in the trash;
our glazed bottom surface is putting the “SLIP” back into SLIPMAT.



Unfortunately there are a few copycats out there…
Make sure you get the originals from Glowtronics;
the creators of the glazed bottom slipmat!

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