CUSTOM UV / BLACKLIGHT GEOMETRIC CANOPIES Endless possibilities Perfect for festivals, events and even bedrooms Every shape is available in 3 different sizes 100% customizable! Let us know if you have any special requests Diligent testing has led us to the best materials out there. Both super strong and stretchy Great for indoor and outdoor use Highly UV / Blacklight reactive... of course! Shapes and designs 6, 12, and 16 petal Make your own! A variety of shapes to make your own unique canopy. Interconnectable Who says you cant connect a diamond, petal, and hexagon? Every shape has a loop for a connector every 20”. The combinations are endless! Stretchy and Durable Lycra fabric is perfect for any canopy, large or small. Our screw lock carabiners and hinge rings are perfect for putting together any shapes. GET PROFFESIONAL vendor booths backdrops Table covers AND MORE Trusted By over 5000 Clients