7″ Blank Slipmats – 16oz Glazed™ Bottom

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Professional Grade 7″ Blank Slipmats
Minimum Order amount of 25 pieces

Material Specs
Color: White
Material: 100% polyester felt
Weight: 16oz Felt
Dimensions: 6.75″ Diameter
Thickness: .09″ (3/32″)
Bottom Surface: Glazed
Grade: Strong High Quality
Feel: Soft
Accuracy: Precise
Best Printing Methods: Sublimation, Silk Screen, DTG

Our classic 7″  blank 16oz Glazed™ bottom surface blank slipmats are #1 choice for sublimation & silk screen printing.
These are considered the go to slipmats for printers and turntablists.
Our 16oz Glazed™ blank slipmats can be printing to both sides of the slipmat to offer a top and bottom print.

When we started our felt manufacturing process to produce our slipmats we kept both the Scratch DJ an Mix/Club DJ in mind. A hybrid slipmat with a unique (new to the industry) Glazed™ bottom surface was our final conclusion. These slipmats are compressed with enough thickness and density to accommodate the speed and accuracy of a Scratch DJ, without having the needle bounce when touching the vinyl. The Mix/Club DJ’s using our hybrid glazed slipmats would get the absorbent feel and gain the speed along with the accuracy of a Scratch DJ.
These slipmats also work perfect for any vinyl/collector home turntablist.

Throw those wax papers and plastics in the trash…..
Our slipmats come with an infused Glazed™ bottom surface to give them the same slickness and accuracy as when using plastic or wax paper; putting “SLIP” back into “SLIPMAT”.

Voilà! over a decade later and now these hybrid glazed slipmats have become a staple choice for all turntablists.


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