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12″ Blank Recycled Rubber Slipmats

Our blank Recycled Rubber Slipmats for 12″ turntables are great for silk screen printing. A unique mat that’s trying to save the planet!

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Professional Grade Blank Recycled Rubber Slipmats for 12″ Turntables
Minimum Order amount of 25 pieces

Material Specs
Color: Brown with black specs
Material: Rubber & Cork
Weight: 173g
Dimensions: 11.75″ Diameter
Thickness: 0.125 (1/8″)
Bottom Surface: Plain surface
Grade: Strong High Quality
Feel: Dense / Firm
Purpose: High Quality Audiofile Vinyl Listening
Best Printing Methods: Silk Screen, DTG

Our 12″ Blank Recycled Rubber Slipmats are great for high quality silk screen printing.
These are made from only the highest quality cork material and recycled rubber.
The blank cork slipmats are perfect for printing to both sides of the slipmat offering a top and bottom print.
Cork Slipmats are preferred in high end audiophile vinyl listening since these absorb vibration well.

Please contact us for quantities over 5000 pieces
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Download our 12″ Custom Turntable Slipmat Template. This has the
exact specs needed to create a perfect slipmat ?; click here


We offer multiple packaging options to choose from on our website. click here
Poly Bags, Insert Cards, Record Jackets and shrink wrapping services are all available.
If there is custom packaging needed fro your project;  just let us know.


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We’ve designed our LED blacklight lit store display to give our slipmats
the most ‚ÄėPOP‚Äô as possible¬†to attract customers!

Our display is completely matte black in color and
contains 3 shelf areas. Each shelf is equipped with extra bright LED  blacklight strips.

This display contains 6 retail store peg hooks,
which will hold 6 different 12″ slipmat designs.

Each peg hook can hold the weight of up to 20qty packaged pair of our
Glowtronics slipmats.

Display Specs
Size:   68.5″ Height   x   25″ Width   x   10.5″ Depth
LED Lights:  Bright Blacklights
Slipmat Sizes:  12″ slipmats
Retail Peg Hooks:  6qty
Qty of Designs in Display:  6 different slipmat designs
Each Peg Hook can hold:  20qty / packaged pairs of 12″ slipmats
Max Slipmats per Display:  120qty / packaged pairs of 12″ slipmats
Minimum Order Amount:  $500 of Glowtronics Branded Slipmats
Display Cost:  FREE / with purchase of $500 of Glowtronics Branded Slipmats
Electric:  Standard US 120v plug-in
Glowtronics Logo:  Acrylic Led backlit

Display can also contain your record stores packaged custom slipmats; contact us for details.
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