Materials & Print with Super Powers

In the beginning God created us, then we created slipmats.

Unless you believe in evolution….

In that case…

We went down to the lab and did our homework.

Our findings…

  1. Use only the highest quality most durable felts
  1. Vibrant Inks and top notch printers are an absolute must
  2. Heat Presses must be BIG!!!!


Science of our Slipmat’s Felt Material

Manufacturing slipmats might not be rocket science, but it does take quit a bit of time testing different thickness’s, density’s & weight’s to satisfy all styles of DJing..

It is common for a scratch DJ to typically use a very thin compressed slipmat. One issue we’ve noticed with these types of slipmats is the needle bounces with a heavy hand. This is due to lack of absorption from the compressed slipmat.

If you are a mix/club DJ then it is more likely a thicker more absorbent slipmat is on your turntables. The issue with this type of thick slipmat is it is very slow, causing latency.

When we started our felt manufacturing process to produce our slipmats we kept both the Scratch DJ an Mix/Club DJ in mind. A hybrid slipmat with a unique (new to the industry) glazed bottom surface was our final conclusion. These slipmats are compressed with enough thickness and density to accommodate the speed and accuracy of a Scratch DJ, without having the needle bounce when touching the vinyl. The Mix/Club DJ’s using our Classic 16oz hybrid glazed slipmats would get the absorbent feel and gain the speed along with the accuracy of a Scratch DJ.

Throw those wax papers and plastics in the trash….. Our slipmats come with an infused glazed bottom surface to give them the same slickness and accuracy as when using plastic or wax paper; putting “SLIP” back into “SLIPMAT”.

Voilà! over 11 years later and now these hybrid glazed slipmats have become a staple choice for all DJ’s. 

These slipmats are a perfect addiction for any turntablist.