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  • Custom Slipmats by Glowtronics

      As a vinyl DJ, having the right gear is essential for achieving the perfect sound and style. One piece of equipment that is often overlooked, but can make a big difference…

  • Blank Slipmats Sizes

    Blank Slipmat Sizes

    Choose your slipmat weapon size for printing warfare! 7″, 10″ & 12″ blank slipmats   Perfect for any printer using sublimation, screen printing or DTG.   Click Here to checkout all size…

  • Custom Slipmats

    2 Sided Slipmat Printing

    We’ve just finished a beautifully designed 2 sided print slipmat for a brand new record store opening in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is Dubai’s only record store and we wish the best of lucky…

  • Blacklight Sublimation Printing Slipmats

    UV Blacklight Sublimation Printing

    Glowtronics is paving the way in slipmat innovation. Our newest endeavor of fresh ideas is our UV/Blacklight Activated Sublimation Printing. We are the only company in the world offering this unique sublimation printing…

  • Custom Insert Card Packaging

    Custom Printed (2 sided) 12″x12″ insert card packaging. New heavy weight 21oz slipmats; 2 sided print Amazing design work  from Pitchfork. Front:   Back:

  • Cork Turntable Slipmats

    New Cork Turntable Slipmat: Custom Sublimation Printed or sold in blanks to offer the audiophile enthusiast a natural elegant slipmat option. 1/8″ thickness using only the highest quality cork material. We can print…

  • Custom Pixies Slipmats

    Meet our newest custom slipmat in production First: the artwork gets prepped for print Second: the artwork gets printed Third: it is ready for press

  • Glazed And Confused?

    Glazed And Confused?  Now You Know! Take an already perfect slipmat and infuse the concept of a wax paper or plastic to the bottom surface……….. and what do you get? A more…