Glowtronics 6 Principles

Glowtronics opened its doors more than a 1.5 decades ago. Our intention was always to introduce never before seen DJ accessories and apparel to the market.

In the process of producing our product lines, we noticed a need for high quality blank slipmats and custom printing.

We’ve been gearing up our equipment ever since. This has allowed us to manufacture with the fastest speeds and most accurate colors in the business.

We now consider ourselves ninja masters of dye sublimation printing and manufacturing slipmats.

Our newest adventure is offering full Design/Print/Cut/Sew options to the clothing industry at very reasonable prices.

Our clients range from some of the smaller DJ retail stores, boutiques, clothing manufacturers and to the largest corporations in the music industry around the world.

The one underlining rule driving our company since the beginning….
Make quality products
Make the customer happy! ☺