Materials and Print

UV Blacklight Sublimation Printing

Blacklight Sublimation Printing Slipmats

Glowtronics is paving the way in slipmat innovation. Our newest endeavor of fresh ideas is our UV/Blacklight Activated Sublimation Printing. We are the only company in the world offering this unique sublimation printing service on slipmats. If you are looking to for something unique to offer your customers, this is it!!           Creating […]

Glazed And Confused?

Glazed Bottom Slipmats

Glazed And Confused?  Now You Know! Take an already perfect slipmat and infuse the concept of a wax paper or plastic to the bottom surface……….. and what do you get? A more perfect’er glazed bottom surface slipmat….. of course. All our slipmats come with the our glazed surface, which has been specially formulated to reduce […]