Cork Turntable Slipmats


New Cork Turntable Slipmat: Custom Sublimation Printed or sold in blanks to offer the audiophile enthusiast a natural elegant slipmat option. 1/8″ thickness using only the highest quality cork material. We can print in full color sublimation (darker colors work best).   Click Here for: 12″ Blank Cork Slipmats Contact us if you would like future […]

Glazed And Confused?

Glazed Bottom Slipmats

Glazed And Confused?  Now You Know! Take an already perfect slipmat and infuse the concept of a wax paper or plastic to the bottom surface……….. and what do you get? A more perfect’er glazed bottom surface slipmat….. of course. All our slipmats come with the our glazed surface, which has been specially formulated to reduce […]

Our NEWest Glow Slipmat


We can not give away the exact secret to making a full color, glow-in-the-dark slipmat, but we can say, you will need: • one part high quality fiber resin • two part photoluminescent pigment • one part sublimation ink mix these all together with a little secret sauce and you have the ingredients of a […]